Lisa the Mover’s Top 5 Moving Tips

Moving is a stressful time, but by choosing the right moving company,  you can reduce everyone’s stress levels considerably. Know that every move is different, and like most things, preparation is the key. Here are my top five moving tips to get you into your new home a little easier.

  1. When selecting a moving company, don’t solely rely on online reviews because they’re not always credible. Ask friends, family, your realtor, and others for referrals.

The first thing you should do is check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they’re members in good standing.

  1. Get at least two written in-home estimates from a moving consultant who represents a reputable company. Call them to find out if they’re willing to come and assess your home in order to provide a formal estimate. (So important!) It’s not acceptable for someone to give rates and estimates over the phone. Unless you like surprises!

That consultant is there to provide an accurate, written estimate. They’re also a huge resource for advice on packing tips, your responsibilities, insurance requirements and they will discuss any concerns they see before the truck and crew arrives. The in-home estimate is a free and relatively quick process, and they know exactly what to look for when pricing the move.

A good consultant will work closely with you to make sure you’re properly prepared for the move, especially if they want your referral business after the move.

  1. If you’re doing your own packing, ensure that the boxes are packed fully and as tightly as you can get them!!! Mark the sides of the box, not the tops with the room you’d like it delivered to in your new home.

Often, people have more boxes than necessary because they’re packed too lightly and creating too much bulk in the truck, and risking them crushing each other. Don’t worry about the weight of the boxes, movers are skilled in moving even the heaviest items. Fewer boxes mean less time moving meaning a cheaper move.

  1. It’s important that you get a full understanding of transit protection insurance for your move which is often the biggest problem for those inexperienced at moving house.

There is always a certain risk when moving household goods, and there are options to protect your goods. Knowing what is covered or not covered will eliminate many issues during and after the move. Your moving consultant will go over this with you. Some items are not covered by the movers unless they themselves pack or crate them, such as flat screen TV’s.

Your responsibilities include proper dismantling and preparation of appliances and electronics.

  1. On moving day, make sure the elevators are booked, the driveway and walkway are cleared and you’re completely packed. Some of these points may seem obvious, but delays are caused by unforeseen circumstances like ice, broken elevators, etc. and believe it or not, not everyone has finished packing by the time the movers arrive.

Focus, don’t panic, and always plan ahead. Be prepared to bring some things with you such as aerosols, alcohol, fire extinguishers, and cleaning chemicals as they’re not permitted in the truck.

I always recommend that you take with you sensitive items, such as plants, pictures, lamp shades and flat screen TV’s, if you can.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to get in touch with me.