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From start to finish my move with Streamline Moving Services went like clockwork. It was planned and executed with military precision: - the profession team of lady packers prepared all for safe shipment: - the capable movers loaded, moved and unloaded items without incident: - the ladies unpacked, placed everything properly and removed packing materials: - all paintings were professionally hung. I couldn’t be happier -

Doug Mooers October 2023
Thanks so much. It was a great moving experience for us. From your keen eye for the number of boxes, and all your hints for a smooth move, to Helen (who was lovely and kept things moving), and the wonderful young men who did the heavy lifting, everything went extremely smoothly. “SRS” totally made us feel that we had nothing to worry about. Our stuff all made it to the new house with no damage. Such a non-stress move.
Susan Smith
Thanx so much for all of your assistance Lisa. As a result of all your great coordination the move went very smoothly this weekend. Debo and his crew did a great job, please pass on my apologies that I forgot to do a few things and appreciate that they carried on seamlessly. It was a pleasure working with you!
Diane Sedore. April 2023
Planning our first-ever cross-country move while retiring was intimidating! Lisa came highly recommended by a friend, and guided us through the process from downsizing tips, to how to interpret estimates, to moving day. Her vast knowledge provided us with a ton of tips, she was always available to answer our newbie questions, and made it clear that we would be introduced only to reputable companies. It gave us confidence that we were making decisions that were right for our situation. Lisa truly cares about the peace of mind of her clients, and is a pleasure to deal with.
Jackie Carberry
For the lovely card Lisa. I also want to thank you and Helen for everything. The movers were amazing and it couldn’t have been a more perfect move. I have also passed your name along to the property manager for the condo as she was very interested in your company and the full service you provide to clients
Helen Sues
Lisa has access to many different options and movers for your upcoming move. She is absolutely wonderful to with and has only your best interests at heart. Her years of experience in this this business shines through and she knows exactly what and who to deal with to get you moved efficiently, safely and without any hassle. You have to talk to Lisa-The Mover before talking to any other mover... she is your BEST CHOICE!!
Lana Burnley
I have recommended Lisa to several of my clients! She is very professional, thoughtful and my clients are always very pleased with her! I would recommend Lisa to assist you with any of your moving requirements!!
0rlene Campbell
For anyone considering any move, call Lisa. Her expert analysis saved us more than 4 times her fee in moving costs alone. And that's beyond her wise advice helping us to make good decisions, like what to pack, what not to pack, how to pack, etc etc etc. On top of that, her calming influence during one of the most stressful times in anyone's life was a godsend! Seriously, she's worth WAY more than what she charges. Oh, and she's just a wonderful person as well. I could go on, but I hope you get the picture. Hey Lisa ... when we next move, you'll come to Halifax to help us out?
Mario Daigle
We were so happy with your moving assistance! Almost makes us want to move again - LoL!!
Sharon Fleming
Lisa is not only #OttawasBestMoveManager... she's the absolute best Joy Finder. ♥ Crazy though it may sound, Lisa rekindles the joy in starting fresh in the midst of our emotional "now what" decisions. How do I know? I'm a Military BRAT. I've moved more times than I can count. Pro though I am, when this move came at the tail end of a nightmare, I didn't think I could get it done. And Lisa proved me wrong... with bells on! My advice to you and to those you love... HIRE HER!!
Abby Haygard
Lisa, you are a real sweetheart. Thank you so much for the lovely fall arrangement of flowers, they really are gorgeous and add just the right touch to warm up our still in progress settling in. It is said it’s the people we meet along life’s journey that make the trip worthwhile. You and your team have helped so much in making our move easy and even joyful, we can’t thank you enough. You will remain in our hearts.
Micheline and Hugh Wood ​
You charmed my entire family. Having you assist us with my Mom's move to Calgary made the entire experience so much easier! I left Canada feeling confident everything would go well ...and of course it did! To quote my aunt Gail: "finding Lisa was a stroke of genius ". All to say, if you ever need a recommendation or the like, don't hesitate to ask. We would be more than happy to sing your praises.
Suzanne Shortt
Lisa and her team were amazing to work with. She packed, moved and unpacked my Mother when she moved from an apartment to a Long term Care Home. Thank you Lisa for being so compassionate, efficient and helpful
Dan Fried
Lisa was beyond helpful in preparing us for a cross-country move. She was friendly, personable, and very professional. She was able to provide great recommendations that were reliable and reasonably priced. She went well above and beyond in helping us in any way she could to help streamline the move, and was very generous with her time. Thanks Lisa!
Brandon Hisey
Lisa is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and accommodating. I would definitely recommend her.
Tammi Smith
Lisa always takes care of her customers, Lisa makes sure they get the best care and service!!!
Rob Gracey
Everyone always takes the time to complain but they rarely ever take the time to say "Good Job!" We have finally found a house and our last and most precious bin was unloaded by movers on Thursday...No furniture damaged, Great Job! Thank you to you and thanks to the crew!
Eva Kuszel
We contacted Lisa about our move to Kelowna, BC, we were unsure about the different moving companies, and what they offered, we needed three quotes and wanted professional advice. After contacting, she was to assess our needs and pointed us in the direction of three reputable moving companies she trusted and had worked with in the past. Lisa able to decipher the differences between the different movers, terms, and levels of service. She knew what to look for, helped us negotiate, and in the end, we were able to make the right decision that left us with a high level of comfort in knowing we made the right decision. I highly recommend Lisa Ann Robinson to help navigate the mysterious world of long-distance moving. I don't know about you, but I don't move across the country every day. Thank you, Lisa, for lending us your knowledge and expertise.
Jacquie Bushell
Lisa is the real deal - dedicated, reliable, organized, energetic, experienced...the list goes on. I've had the pleasure of working with Lisa Ann Robinson when one of our clients moved to Cornwall. She managed the process seamlessly, despite a few glitches thrown at us. Highly recommend her services
Janis Weaver
If you need packing and relocation services, I highly recommend giving Lisa Ann a call. She helped me with tips, estimates, local and provincial moving help and insurance info. Packing day was well resourced with three people ready to go. My decorative items, artwork, lamps etc were handled properly. Peace of mind.
Pam Perri
I can’t thank the SMS team enough for all of their hard work starting with the sorting, organizing and culling of the contents of my very large house in Orleans to get it ready for sale, the careful packing of my furniture/possessions to ready them for my move and finally the move to Mississauga which went off without a hitch thanks to their efforts. Special thanks to Lisa and Helen and their conscientious “worker bees” who are all absolute organizational wizards. Without them, I would probably still be standing in my basement trying to figure out where to start. Again my heartfelt thanks for everything and it was fantastic working with your company.
Nancy Rochon Ottawa to Mississauga